The Trinity River Bioremediation Demonstration Project

Objective: To clean contaminants in river water with food grade microorganisms growing on agricultural by-products.

This project will benefit people and animals living in the Trinity River watershed. Bioremediation will improve water quality and help rebuild natural filtration systems.

The questions we will answer are:

  • Which food-grade microorganisms growing on which agricultural by-products are most effective at lowering the amount of e coli in the water?
  • How many small bio-filters are necessary to lower the e coli levels and how long are they viable?

With your help in sponsoring filters and getting them in the river, we can make a difference!

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has been happening on Earth for 3.5 billion years. Since the existence of the first single-celled
organisms on earth over 3.5 billion years ago, microorganisms have been eating
hazardous compounds and breaking them down. This is one of the oldest natural
technologies and can be strategically applied to include the clean-up of modern
environmental contamination. Romans applied microorganisms to clean their
wastewater. This form of bioremediation is documented as early as 600 BC.

Texas Water Action Collaborative Formed 3/25/2021

On October 22, 2020, the Trinity River Paddling Trail became included in the National Parks Service (NPS) by naming it a National Recreation Trail.

We Can Clean Up Our National Park!

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Journey down Joe’s Creek with Us! This is where we are going to prove we=you+me can improve our water quality. The Trinity River is where Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston drink from. Yuck!