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WATER IS ALIVE | Bioremediation for a healthier planet.

The time for a paradigm shift is upon us.

The current ways we interact with and take advantage of the life-giving forces of our physical surroundings are driving us down the wrong road (just look out your window). These forces — clean, fresh water; healthful air; nutrient-rich soil; and diverse habitat — are continually under threat due to systems and powers that allow for an abuse of contaminants that put every one of us at risk of poor health and wellbeing.

We have the power, the resources, and the know-how to implement sustainable self-compliance on a personal and corporate level with real results that can activate us to clean up the earth. For businesses, investing in and reporting on Environmental governance and remediation has become an important part of business life. Our work aligns perfectly with helping companies and organizations realize their sustainability goals while reducing costs across a number of areas; most notably to help clean up and revitalize the vast agriculture and manufacturing sectors of our economy.

At the heart of our work is the billions-of-years-old fact that the power to metabolize pollution is ‘alive’ in many microorganisms. Water Is Alive was founded to prove that we can use food grade microorganisms grown on agricultural by-products and organic waste to clean up contamination. We have positive results from The Trinity River Bioremediation Project and the bio-filtration methods which can be applied to any impaired waterway. Fresh, clean water is the most important resource in our lives. And it our mission to make sure it’s available and abundant for current and future generations.

So let’s go! The ultimate mission of Water Is Alive is to drive positive action from everyone with uplifting, measurable results that will help us down a path towards a life of harmony, abundance, and regeneration.

As of May 2023, the United Nations has recognized our invaluable work to augment their Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Please see some of our Projects & News below!

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Virginia Kilgore

Virginia Kilgore is the scientific and spiritual guru of Water Is Alive. She brings an unmatched energy, passion, and understanding of the issues we face to her tireless pursuit of real scientific results in the bioremediation of our vital waterways. Virginia is based in Dallas, TX, and speaks several languages fluently. Her work has global implications and has been recognized by the United Nations, the Environmental Protection Agency, Texan By Nature, Earthx, the City of Dallas, and many more.

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