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Day: 19 May 2022

  • Students Call to Action

    Students of All Ages Call To Action!!! Activities We Can All Do Today to Improve Water & Soil Quality Bokashi Composting Made from ordinary Kitchen Waste Compost We can all Bokashi compost! This is composting in an air-tight bucket. The compost does not rot because you spray or inoculate it with microorganisms. Effective Organisms! It…

  • Links

    Interesting links on Bioremediation The Role of Microorganisms in Bioremediation  Bioremediation of Polluted Waters Using Microorganisms Functions of effective microorganisms in bioremediation of the contaminated harbor sediments What is Bioremediation? (article) Symbiotic bioremediation of aquaculture wastewater in reducing ammonia and phosphorus utilizing Effective Microorganism (EM-1) and microalgae (Chlorella sp.) Growth enhancement of effective microorganisms for bioremediation of…

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