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Students Call to Action

Students of All Ages Call To Action!!! Activities We Can All Do Today to Improve Water & Soil Quality

Bokashi Composting

Made from ordinary Kitchen Waste Compost

We can all Bokashi compost! This is composting in an air-tight bucket. The compost does not rot because you spray or inoculate it with microorganisms. Effective Organisms! It is a pre-composting fermentation process. Use this compost to restore depleted or contaminated soil!

Grow Mushrooms

Many species of mushrooms can break down contaminants in the environment. This species, Pleurotus Ostreatus, is the gourmet “Oyster Mushroom” and are ready to break down e coli and contaminats in the water and soil!

Build Biofilters

Floating Mushroom Bio-filter

On the left is a floating Bio Mushroom filter.
What you see is woodchuncks that are prepared in a controlled environment. The white is a mushroom that is able to clean the water.

Floating Mushroom Bio-filter

Probiotics for the Water

Burlap filled with food grade microorganisms growing on agricultural by products! A cost-effective way to put the river on a slow-release dose of pollution eating bacteria and mushrooms.

The Trinity River Bioremediation Demonstration Project is happening NOW! From March 2021 to June of 2022!

Let’s Clean Up The Trinity River with food grade Effective Microorganisms and mushroom biofilters that can further break down pollution! Let’s not wait for expensive government contracts, let us do this together!  We can do this, then upscale and teach everyone how to participate and clean the whole river.

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